The Big Idea Workshop: Validate your book idea

How do you know that your idea is big enough to carry a novel? Or how do you know that your memoir idea is interesting to others (and thus sellable)?

In this workshop, we're going to make sure that your book idea is solid—whether you're working on fiction or nonfiction. I know from personal experience that nailing down the idea before you start can save you hundreds of hours and months of your life. It's time well spent.

Here's the thing: A book idea is best articulated in the form of a question. This is how you stay interested as the writer, and how the reader remains hooked.

The key is to nail down a central question that is complex and rich enough to warrant 70,000 words of text (the length of a book).

In this workshop, we'll devote time to sharpening yours together. For nonfiction, we'll also cover proven ways of testing whether your idea is sellable.

You'll walk away with a vivid, compelling premise (or elevator pitch, if you prefer). This will not only make your book more fun to write (and who doesn't want to have fun writing your book?!)—it will also come in handy when you're selling it or agent hunting.

The workshop includes:

  • Pre-workshop reading and exercises to engage you in thinking about how to refine your book idea
  • Real-time, hands-on work with Mary during the session to hone your idea
  • Post-workshop feedback on your idea as you continue to refine it

Note: Workshop is approximately 60 minutes.

About your Instructor:

HarperCollins novelist Mary Adkins's novels When You Read This and Privilege are available now wherever books are sold. Mary teaches writing online to hundreds of students and teaches storytelling for The Moth worldwide. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Atlantic, Slate, and more. Learn more about Mary here.


Friday, May 29th

1-2pm ET

Price: $67

Spots Limited

Replay available if you are unable to make it live.

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