Let's finish your book or book proposal.

There is a reason most people don’t write books, and it’s not just that there are a lot of words in them. 

You need a process that fits into the life you have, not the life you wish you had, or that someone else has. 

Maybe you need to find the joy in writing again. Writing a book need not be miserable—I promise. I've written three and mostly had a great time doing it!

Think of me like your book's personal trainer.

Think of me like your book’s personal trainer. I’m here to make things fun and to hold you accountable, but also to tell you when you’re doing the pushups wrong. Our goal is to get the book finished, but not just finished. We want it to look good in a mini skirt.

The first step is to get you *excited* to finish this book—if what is holding you back is that you aren’t sure if it’s a good or sellable idea/premise, no problem! We will find the place where your enthusiasm meets the world's curiosity.

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